Call to Graphic Designers: RFP Census Count Committee Graphic Designer

The 2020 Census presents obstacles in the Northern Gateway community, as immigrant and low-income community members are less likely to fill out government surveys and questionnaires due to suspicions and concerns over privacy. As the home of a vulnerable community the Northern Gateway area needs a more targeted outreach approach for the Census due to its area challenges. Targeted outreach material with clean and easy to read design will be crucial for the Northern Gateway community. The Northern Gateway has recently been awarded a grant to conduct targeted Census outreach. As such, we seek a graphic designer to produce visually compelling print and digital designs for outreach and promotional marketing materials for the Census 2020 Count Committee. A key component of this project is to understand the targeted population of the Northern Gateway community and finding best ways to communicate and promote the importance of the Census, while also providing information materials (i.e. how-to-fill guides). For those interested please read information below: