Our vision is to strengthen the Northern Gateway through small business assistance, façade improvements, and neighborhood enhancement implementation strategy.

Small Business Assistance

The CDC will focus on outreach to small business owners and coordinate with municipal, community, and private entities to administer and implement proposed mitigation and technical assistance programs, including:

  • Training – The CDC works with small business development partners to develop appropriate training courses for businesses along the Purple Line. The CDC identifies potentially affected small businesses and markets available training opportunities offered by regional organizations. CDC staff and volunteers are available to help small businesses apply for these trainings.
  • Signage – The CDC is pursuing funding for signage and will solicit community input for “design principals/guidelines” through a series of community workshops led by the Neighborhood Design Center. Signs and banners can help mitigate the impact of Purple Line construction, brand the area, and help create a sense of community. The same design principles can be used for more permanent markers as additional funding and permits are secured.
  • Impact/Technical Assistance – The CDC conducts outreach to affected small businesses and helps them apply for impact assistance for which they qualify. The CDC also helps small businesses identify and apply for technical assistance, including, but not limited to financial planning, web/social media strategy, and customer service.

Façade Improvement

The CDC helps business and property owners identify, and encourages them to apply for, resources available for façade improvements. The CDC leverages public dollars to encourage private investment to enhance the appearance of individual building façades, signs and awnings, and other exterior improvements.

Neighborhood Enhancement Strategy Development and Implementation

The CDC acts a conduit between small businesses, residents, community stakeholders and government agencies that will support the revitalization.

Specific tasks include:

  • Sustained outreach to engage local and regional organizations including community and nonprofit service organizations, major employers or business associations, banks and philanthropy, government and elected leaders, and other stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing a strategy for revitalization in the Northern Gateway